Acai Bowl

Smoothie Bowls are my number one staple Breakfast as i Love to top them with fresh fruits and healthy grains and seeds. However Acai Smoothie Bowls are a completely different league. This Berry exceeds in every possible existing way. Among … Continue reading

Black sesame and cherry ice cream

I fell in Love with black sesame seeds ever since I tried Tahini I loved the bitterness of sesame seeds but the black ones are so much better than the light ones. They have a earthier taste and look incredible. They … Continue reading

Eating Totoro and talking Movie

As some of my followers on Instagram might have noticed I participated in a shoutout and give away competition on Instagram. The task was to create An Asian plantbased vegan dish. Since I love eating Asian food and cooking with … Continue reading

Berry layered Green Smoothie

Most of my recipes come in the oddest situations to my mind. Just like the recipe for this amazing smoothie did this week. In the middle of my math lesson at school my thoughts drifted of and away to one of my favorite … Continue reading