The Flower Thief (Father’s Day Adventures)

Call me The Flower Thief
I am always so jealous of other people’s gardens that are loaded with pretty Bushes and flowers that bloom vivaciously in all kinds of different colors. As a child I would spend hours playing and romping around in our garden. I love our big plain meadow it was perfect to play batmington or just practice gymnastics.
But there was one thing that I always admired at my friends’ places, their high bushes, trees that shadowed pieces of the grass and beautiful flowers that blossomed in spring. Such garden’s were the Paradise for us. Our playground for hide and seek and now a nice haven for whenever life’s calls for a time out.

Nowadays I daily drive trough this tiny borough. Merely the town hall, a church, a fire department and a old house vis-a-vis the cemetery are located on the sides of the street. Lately I noticed that someone (probably the one and only man who lives there and also has plenty if flowers in front of his house) planted more and more plants.
I usually daydream whilst taking my drive home and never really appreciate my everyday surroundings. But one midday I suddenly spotted the most enchanting roses I ever came across. They gracefully embellished the grey cemetery wall with their vibrant colorful Beauty.



SONY DSCThey were fully in bloom and they literally glow in this lavish velvety red. The petals are so smooth and soft like a pillow made out of clouds☁️ Their scent is cheerful and romantic at the same time and you wouldn’t believe how temperamental they appear if you solely smell their lovely fragrance.
Such an innocent and mild aroma that stays for beauty and confidence in it’s own gentle way


graceful center of a white rose


I decided that I just had to have some. I couldn’t resist the urge to be surrounded by one of nature’s beautiful miracles.
Since I know my dad is always up for something like that and for the fact that it was Father’s Day. I told him my plan and we drove in the middle of the night, covert and protected by the gobbling darkness with his motorbike to the cemetery.
Hiding the hedge clippers behind my legs and trying not to fall of the seat, I Wrapped my free arm around my dad and hoped i wouldn’t fall of. I prayed that nobody would see us especially not the big garden scissors. But of course we had to come across three cars on the road that usually is as extinct as death valley.

When we arrived I wasn’t sure anymore if this was a good idea. Even dough it were just some flowers, there still exists a hardworking person that cares about them and planted them. First I hesitated because of a sudden light flash that appeared in the house behind me. I froze and waited.
Everything was silent except some crickets that were chirping louder than ever.
I looked around me and when I felt safe and still undiscovered I fetched out my equipment and clipped the prettiest flowers of.  SONY DSCSONY DSC     I couldn’t see that much but I made sure to not any new buds. There were still plenty of roses left climbing up the brick wall to let everyone forget what a sad place extends behind That detachment.

I hopped back onto the backseat of the motorbike. My reaction was too slow as that i could realize how the rose petals started to depart from the stamp due to the strong airstream caused by the high driving speed. I quickly gathered the back in and pulled them behind my dad’s back trying to clamp them in between us. I realized this only smushed the fluffy petals so I tried to hold them as gentle as possible without bruising anything. After I managed that I could enjoy the cold air breeze on my face.    SONY DSC

Cruising back home I felt so happy. My dad joked about whose garden our next goal was and that we would probably make it into the news as the number one criminals😄
And to be honest I could befriend myself with the nickname ‘The Flower Thief’
I also already spotted some beautiful flowers that nobody seems to nurture and cultivate. So logistically seen I would do them a favor by harvesting them.

The next day I appreciated my beloved Theft with great pleasure. I breakfasted this Beautiful Rose flavored Strawberry floated Ice cream and had and amazing view over the turquoise-blueish lake😋🌁🍨🍓IMG_2143

I already made some amazing food garnish that also functions as table decoration. The DIY  is coming your way so hold on for some beautiful and delicious excitement

🌸 Lots of Love and Joy the blueeyedkitchencat 🌸 xoxo 😘





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