Lavender Nicecream

As many of my Instagram Followers know by, I am in LOVE with Lavender flavored Ice cream. They have seen a few glimpses of my flower flavored ice cream creations and a sneak peak of an exclusive one. A few weeks back I picked some fresh Lavender from the garden and dried it on a black baking tray in the sun. The next day I was so excited to try it out that I immediately had to put some of the dried flower petals into my nanaicecream.


And let me tell you, it tasted Incredible. If you would ask me what my favorite Ice cream flavor would be I would say it would be plain vanilla, cherry and Lavender 😋

This Flavor is not only easy to make but also very impressive Taste- and presentation wise.
My secret For the scrumptious vibrant violet bluish color?
best when freshly picked from the forest.
This Ice cream also goes so well along with other wild berries such as Currants, Gooseberries, strawberries….


  • 4-6 Frozen and peeled bananas
  • about 1 tsp dried lavender (only the lilac leaves)
  • a drizzle of Lemon
  • 1 tblsp or less Blueberries (the color is too strong otherwise)
  • Tip: wild Blueberries will always color your food blue/violet. If you only happen to have access to the Bigger sweeter ones than freeze them. After they are frozen and blended they will turn blue/violet too. Cool, isn’t it?
  1. Make your ice cream by chopping the banana into small bits. Try to add as little liquid as possible as this might destroy the texture and it will get too runny. We want a really firm and stiff texture when it comes to this Flavor.
    Tip: I fin it easier to either process the banana in the blender and then continue with the hand blender which can be quite
    an effort. So i chop the bananas fairly tiny and mix them with the hand blender in a bigger container so the hand
    blender has less to do and won’t break.
  2. add the lemon juice and lavender + Blueberries. Mix and see if the color adjusts your liking. If not, add more.
  3. Serve in a Bowl, ice cream Cup or whatever dish you prefer and top with fresh Berries, lavender and a sprinkle of vanilla.
  4. Enjoy


The following days I had this scrumptious combination nearly every Day. Always different plated, garnished and eaten. And I always enjoyed every bit of it. One Day I made this deliciousness.
SONY DSCStay Tuned for the Recipe 😘

Sadly One Day my Jar of Lavender will be empty but till then I will enjoy some Foodporn and of course share it with all of you.
If you recreate any of my Pictures make sure to tag #blueeyedkitchencat and if it’s Flower flavored Tag #flowerFlavoredKitchencat
Lots of Love and Flavor, the blueeyedkitchencat xoxo


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