Apple Pie Ice cream

As the nights get longer and longer and days shorter, the sun slowly says goodbye leaving us with foggy grey mornings and cold rainy weather. Leaves are turning red then brown and finally fall off from bare branches waiting to be raked off. And whilst squirrels diligently hoard  stack up piles of nuts and all those delicious pumpkins are being curved and lighted, juicy apples fall off their trees. Being ignored by people, chilling on the hard ground waiting to be picked up and eaten… And as People walk past not noticing the beauty that nature offers them for free, a girl reaches over the fence. sneakingly grabbing an apple from the neighbor’s tree. cheeky as she was she picked the juiciest of them all.

She could have eaten him, lets call him jake, jake the applebum, right away.. But No! she kept him. She had plans for him. Big plans…
She wanted to make him famous, show the world how wonderful his species is. So she gently cleaned him up until he was polished and neat. SONY DSC
She slowly cut the top end and inner stem off. scooping the inside out with her old grandmothers silver spoon. The one with the sharp edges and deep shape. After she finished carving his personality she carefully covered his shell with lemon juice to protect him from aging.
Next on she let him cool down a bit.
She pulled her blender out and made the most amazing autumn inspired apple pie ice cream on earth. it was so delicious that she called it her jane. She introduced her to jake. It was love at first sight. They immediately had a connection so they decided to move in together.
They lived happy ever after….


Until the girl felt this extreme pain in her stomach all out of a sudden. it was the feeling of hunger. She felt the urge to demolish a whole apple pie. she could have.. but there was no apple pie around. she realized that She still had her apple pie ice cream filled apple and she just couldn’t resist. she took a spoon and….



  • 1 apple
  • 1 -2 frozen banana
  • spices: cinnamon!!, ginger!!, clove, nutmeg…
  • lemon juice
  • raisins / dates work as well
  • spoon, knife
  1. core the apple so that you have an apple “bowl”. you should be left with some bits of the inside. keep that.
  2. sprinkle some lemon/lime juice over your cut apple to pretend it from browning. Set the apple aside in a cool place (fridge/freezer)
  3. Make Banana Ice cream with the left over flesh from the inside of the apple and add the spices. mix 1 tbsp of raisins (or one medjool date) in so you achieve this sticky almost chewy cookie dough consistency. you can leave some bits for a chunky texture 😉
  4. Spoon the ice cream into your hollowed apple and carefully place the cut off top back on (just like a little hat)
  5. Enjoy.SONY DSC

I hope you like this funny tutorial 🙂 let me know in the comments what you think about including more writing into my posts :* lots of love and apples, the blueeyedkitchencat xoxxooSONY DSC

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