WHY I DO what I LOVE & LOVE what I DO !?

Now this one is for all the tumblr obsessed, youtube watching, instagram blogging fashionistas who post their daily #ootd and quote their quirky life fails on Twitter…
and the ones who don’t understand how someone can love social media so much and question themselves why I do what I do!

Over the past few Years, ever since I got my current laptop to be exact, I was obsessed with browsing the internet, always on the hunt for something new to get inspired from.
This “obsession” (as my parents like to refer to it) became quite dominant at the time I got interested in photography. I was always more of the visual type when it came to expressing my feelings. The thought of explaining something to someone in words, especially when it comes to emotions, is an unimaginable Horror. Instead I would show them my mood with a visual picture board!
After all a picture speaks a thousand words, Right?! So what’s a Video worth?!

As my interest for photography grew I also learned about all these possibilities and benefits of the world wide web. I started to save up some money to buy myself a DSLR that was capable of shooting HD Video {Hands-down THE BEST investement I ever made in myself}
Now, Nearly one Year later I look back and can’t believe how much I have experienced ever since. I captured so many beautiful memories, had endless conversations with people who shared the same interests & Hobbies and discovered that I love to work with video and editing programs. But most importantly, I now know who I am, or at least who I want to become.

I would lie if I would say that I am always Happy. I’ve had my ups and downs, to be honest definitely more downs than ups.
And the saddest part is that I nearly gave up on my Food Blog because of what others thought of me…
BUT! and that’s the point! I will NEVER let anyone drag me down just because of their disagreement. I will ALWAYS be Happy around other people, even on my worst Days.
I will always want to be the one who makes you laugh with goofy faces and awkward jokes.
I am always looking on the bright side, because life is too short to be pessimistic or grumpy… unless you are trying to cheer someone up or you are grumpy cat yourself -> Then you are just fortunately the most adorable cat in the entire universe.

 Because I won’t give up…

So for all those People asking me Why I Blog, why I do Youtube Videos, why I do all of these Things…
The answer is simple: Because I LOVE it. It makes me Happy, I don’t even know what exactly makes me Happy but writing itself gives me a feeling of finally letting all my Thoughts out.
I think photography speaks for itself. Capturing memories is such a big deal to me & when I look back I don’t see the picture rather than remembering what was happening moments BEFORE the picture was taken.
Youtube is a little bit different. Editing gives me the feeling of being creative. I constantly think about new Ideas that would look good in different locations. When I watch a Video that I did I don’t just see the picture itself I feel all the emotions I had that Day I filmed the Video. I know what was going on BEHIND the Lens and sometimes there is WAY MUCH MORE behind a Video or Picture that you could ever imagine.
If I’d tell you all the crazy weird conversations and situations I got myself into you wouldn’t even believe me.

And now for the grand finale: The One and Only Reason why I Love it so much…. I feel so much more comfortable and confident talking in english than in german. I know that this might sound awkward but it’s true. I have difficulties expressing my feelings in german or explaining in general. So whenever I feel trapped I can let my mind wander. So whatever you thought of me before letting me explain myself, I hope you now get a better picture of me and understand why I do what I love.




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