Cookie Dough (Bliss Balls)

Regardless what Foodie and Foodbloggers claim. We all have a go-to Recipe that we can rely on and isn’t even a full Recipe. Sometimes it is just an odd mix of things thrown together in a hectic situation, that then … Continue reading

Lavender Nicecream

As many of my Instagram Followers know by, I am in LOVE with Lavender flavored Ice cream. They have seen a few glimpses of my flower flavored ice cream creations and a sneak peak of an exclusive one. A few weeks back I … Continue reading

Mango Avocado Salad

Evers since I was a Toddler we had a small Salad as a side Dish at every Lunch at home. Most of the time we had the same dressing, the same salad… When you become Vegan you will get a … Continue reading