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Strawberry mountain Icecream

Puuuh. I Had a pretty adventurous weekend so far. I went swimming for the first time this season, were on a mini road trip with my motorbike and tried to transport 6 kilos worth of fresh veggies and fruits back home 😀 By the way, It wasn’t as funny as it sounds. Whenever I came near a crossroad I hoped the traffic lights would be green so wouldn’t have to stop. Every time my motorbike stood still I nearly lost balance and fell over to one side –> not pleasant.

And Last but not least (and definitely not last since I have a long weekend) I had a pretty crazy experience as a thief. Yes you heard right. God forgive me I sinned…
No, not really, But it wasn’t right either.
I have already mentioned some Flower thieving incident on my Instagram account and I will write a blog post about it pretty soon. But for now I will just share my hiking experience that I had.

Drumroll Please….

I Went on the most delicious journey ever.

I climbed up to the heaven of Flavor.

Broke Trough the fluffy clouds of frothy formed Ic cream.

Overcame wet sloppy road paths.

And ended up in Paradise.

The Paradise of Strawbbery drizzled Banana Ice cream.

Please Ladies and Gentlemen….

Let me Introduce you to Mount Strawberry:


banana ice cream mountain with molten strawberry sauce


I went Strawberry picking since the strawberry fields are open again. And my sister and I scored 9Kg!! of fresh organic Strawberries. They are so sweet and juicy that you just can’t stop eating them. We only have a few left which is crazy, because we picked them yesterday. At Least I have a reason to go again. The Best part of the Strawberry Farm is that you are allowed to eat as much as you want while picking the Berries. So it was out of Question that I went all Scorpacciata. You gotta take fully advantage of such opportunities.


Strawberry sauce:

  • 2-3 cups fresh Strawberries
  • lemon juice
  • optional: some pitted cherries, raspberries or any other berries,
  1. puree the strawberries with the lemon juice and any other Berries you want to a creamy runny sauce.
    Tip: If you have access to wild strawberries add them. It will taste tremendous delicate and will give the whole ice cream a kick.
  2. put the sauce into a dish (preferably porcelain or glass; something that gets very cold and icy) and place in the freezer so it can cool down
  3. Make the Basic Banana ice cream and store it in the freezer. you want a really stiff and compact consistency.
  4. Set everything thing up. Put the ice cream into a pretty dish, that you put in the freezer beforehand so the ice cream doesn’t  melt instantly. Try to place the thick ice cream on side of the bowl/plate. and fill the other side with some of the sauce.
  5. Layer the firm ice cream up to a “mountain”.
  6. And now comes the best part:  Pour the sauce on top and let it run down the mountain ice cream. you also can drizzle a pattern on top but I really like the outcome of the kind of messy molten ice cream mountain.
  7. Add some fresh halved strawberries and VOILÁ. Finished is your skiing adventure.

Enjoy it but don’t take too many pictures.



When This Happens. Don’t panic. Molten ice cream tastes also very good. Just take a clean spoon or small fork and swirl some patterns in. The marbled look will appear as if you had the intention to achieve this Look.
So get creative and have fun. Eating healthy and cooking is al about experimenting and finding your preferences in style and taste. This is the chance to show how you react when something doesn’t happen as you originally planned it. Relax and beware a cool head then everything will be fine 🙂


Lavish red velvet Roses with silky smooth petals and the most innocent mild, aromatic scent that still represents romantic temperament.

I hope you like this post and enjoy the little food porn. If you want to know the Flower Thief Story make sure to cheek my Blog tomorrow. I Promise you, you won’t regret it as this was Hilarious 😀

If you decide to make this dish please tag #blueeyedkitchencat in it.
I’m keen on seeing your creations on Instagram or any other social media platform.

lots of Love and molten ice cream Porn, the blueeyedkitchencat, xoxo

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