Lavender Cloud on a Bed of Rhubarb Kisses

It must be Clear now that I LOVE Lavender Ice cream. I have mentioned it many times before and I can’t say it enough often. I LOVE SUMMER.  And all the pretty amazing Perks that come with it.     Summer … Continue reading

Rhubarb and Apple Ice cream

Ever wondered what I made with that deconstructed Rhubarb and Apple Crumble? Well, Here It is! This was so delicious. It reminded me a little bit of christmas because it got Cinnamon in it but the sweet and sour combination … Continue reading

Deconstructed Rhubarb Apple Crumble

To be Honest with you, I have never made a Crumble in my Life before and I guess you can’t call this a crumble either as there is no crumbly cookie-like texture included. But the fruit that most often hides … Continue reading


As a Toddler I ate Everything (let’s say I tried everything and spitted it out if I didn’t like it). From Mud to meat there wasn’t one thing i didn’t reject to try. But not everything that I put into my … Continue reading