Cookie Dough (Bliss Balls)

Regardless what Foodie and Foodbloggers claim. We all have a go-to Recipe that we can rely on and isn’t even a full Recipe. Sometimes it is just an odd mix of things thrown together in a hectic situation, that then … Continue reading

(Raw) Vegan Pudding

Well sometimes you come up with the wiriest ideas that bizarrely work out. Last year i created a healthy Pudding recipe using only two Fruits. Please don’t ask me how in this world I could invent such a strange Combination … Continue reading

Lavender Cloud on a Bed of Rhubarb Kisses

It must be Clear now that I LOVE Lavender Ice cream. I have mentioned it many times before and I can’t say it enough often. I LOVE SUMMER.  And all the pretty amazing Perks that come with it.     Summer … Continue reading

Lavender Nicecream

As many of my Instagram Followers know by, I am in LOVE with Lavender flavored Ice cream. They have seen a few glimpses of my flower flavored ice cream creations and a sneak peak of an exclusive one. A few weeks back I … Continue reading

Rhubarb and Apple Ice cream

Ever wondered what I made with that deconstructed Rhubarb and Apple Crumble? Well, Here It is! This was so delicious. It reminded me a little bit of christmas because it got Cinnamon in it but the sweet and sour combination … Continue reading

Chocolate covered Mint Bites

Every once in a while I gotta have my chocolate. I LOVE 100% chocolate. I discovered the pure bliss of such dark chocolate a few years back in a chocolate manufactory. Ever since I love pure 100% chocolate. Little did … Continue reading

Deconstructed Rhubarb Apple Crumble

To be Honest with you, I have never made a Crumble in my Life before and I guess you can’t call this a crumble either as there is no crumbly cookie-like texture included. But the fruit that most often hides … Continue reading

Coffee Ice Cream

About a year ago I was a completely Coffee freak. I had a huge obsession on it. But not the sugary milk filled chemical crap you get at Starbucks. NO! What I’m talking about is freshly brewed roasted coffee. 

Pina Colada ice cream

This weekend something very special happened and to celebrate i decided to finally try out a pinappleboat. Fruit boats are basically just hollowed halved fruits most often stuffed with other foods or liquids. It’s perfect for parties or sharing with … Continue reading

Poppyseed Cherry ice cream

Poppyseed and Cherries…. The perfect Combo. matching like a lovely cute old couple, underlining each other’s best site. The bright sweet cherry meets the utterly flavorful dark poppyseed all with a hint of vanilla and sourness and that unforgettable chocolate … Continue reading